January 31, 2017

Getting Involved In the Fight

I don’t like to talk politics, and along with religion, one really isn’t supposed to mention it at the dinner table…But how can I not when there are protests going on everyday? Unlike 2008, when I joined my school’s College Democrats club in canvassing for Obama, I pretty much stayed clear of this past election. I personally was not a fan of either candidate. I told myself that everything would be fine, no matter the outcome. But now, with everything going on, I REALLY regret that decision. Things are not fine.

I started this blog with a style intent, but have always wanted it to be more than that. I was recently thinking of doing away with my “Feminism” section, but after the Women’s March, I see how much we need to talk about feminism. I didn’t attend the Women’s March, because I was working that day. Looking through the photos of the event has been extremely inspiring. I realized something…I haven’t been doing enough…

I was super involved with Amnesty International in high school, and even wrote my college application essay on it. I majored in Women’s/Gender Studies. I have marched for Planned Parenthood. I spent three years working at a non-profit, specifically housing the homeless.

I mention this, because I am basically saying that there is no reason for me not to be more involved. Really, there is no reason for any of us not to fight.

I wanted to remind everyone that there are little ways for us to all fight for American values.  I certainly am not living lavishly, but I just made a small donation to the ACLU of Massachusetts. Read below for some other ways to get involved:

  1. Host a letter writing campaign party to your elected officials! Here is a list for how to find yours. My friend just texted me that she is hosting letter writing, appetizers and wine gathering this week! Such a great idea!
  2. Continue to empower yourself and fellow females! Attend Just Us Gals’ monthly Ladies Lounge on February 16. The topic? “Women Empowering Women.” How appropriate!
  3. Call your senator. Here is a good comprehensive guide.
  4. I follow Boston Pollen’s Instagram and if her orders are anything like her pics, we are all in for a treat! Kristyn just announced that she will be donating 25% of Valentine’s Day flower proceeds to the ACLU! Catch her at Olives and Grace on Valentine’s Day! Personally, I love buying flowers for myself. So #TREATYOSELF, your Valentine or Galentine!
  5. Drink Starbucks and use Lyft.
  6. Donate to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood.
  7. Get Planned Parenthood or ACLU updates (if you text “STAND WITH PP” to 22422, you can get updates from Planned Parenthood).
  8. Planned Parenthood has a myriad of ways to get involved.
  9. If you can attend even a portion of it, Planned Parenthood is holding Sexual Health Lobby Day TODAY!
  10. Join the 10 Actions in 100 Days Campaign.

If anyone has any other ways that they are fighting against the Immigration Ban, for Women’s Rights or against any of the President’s policies, I would love to hear how! Let’s continue to empower and inspire one another.

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